Health Thru Fitness - The menopause weight gain paradox revealed
"The Breakthrough Weight loss Secret Accidently Discovered by a Chemist and Personal Trainer..."

That Strips away Fat and Gives you the Body You've Always Dreamed Of If
you're over 40!

"The Real Reason that You're FAT has Nothing to do with Eating to Much, the Right Diet or Weak Will Power!

The Real Reason your Fat is because Traditional Weight loss Programs DO NOT work for women over 40!"

- Jenny May Clermont
Top Selling Author, Personal
Trainer and Fitness Expert

9:08 AM

Dear Friend,

If you are over 40 and interested in losing weight then this will be the most important message you ever read!

I don't know you personally but I have a good idea about why you're here:

You're a woman over 40 years old.

Lately you've been noticing that trying to shed those few extra pounds of fat is virtually impossible.

In fact, despite your painful exercise and frustrating dieting the piles of fat never stop coming... especially around your stomach.

You feel out of control. All of a sudden a body that you knew so well seems to have developed a mind of its own - and you don't like it.

To top it off, you are now thinking this new weight gain is a result of menopause - like there isn't enough frustration associated to menopause already.

You are tired, aggravated and hungry, and about to succumb to your bodies will and just accept weight gain as part of menopause.

But Don't Give Up...It's Not Your Fault!

If you're like most women over 30 in America today - your metabolism is broken.

What Every Woman Ought to Know
About Menopause Weight Gain...

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According to most studies it slows 25%, and as your calorie requirement drops a lot more sugars get turned to fat.

Your Biochemistry means that it's almost impossible for you to lose weight the "traditional" way.

No matter how much you exercise... no matter how "psyched up" and motivated you get... no matter what you eat - you will put on weight!

If you've tried anyone of the pathetic weight loss pills, magic diets or flimsy weight loss books then you know this!

After 40 things change, and traditional weight loss programs that are pitched to the masses simply stop working.

You've been mislead, misinformed and even flat out lied to by some of the biggest drug companies in the world.

But with your permission I want to tell you about a way to lose weight and get the body you want... 100% guaranteed!

What's more it's relatively easy and fast. Anyone can do it and I've never had anybody use this little known secret and NOT get results.

But before I begin let me tell you about...

Why I Was Literally Forced to QUIT my Day Job When I found out these Dirty Little Secrets...

(Hint: I'm about to show you why my Method
for 40+ Weight loss can also even
borderline Cure Menopause)

You see I used to be a pharmaceutical chemist.

I was an expert at medicines and most of the traditional magic "Pills" that cashed up drug companies sold, and doctors prescribed to women over 40.

And let me tell you it wasn't pretty...

The most common thing that doctors prescribed was Hormonal treatments which try to balance out hormones to make women more comfortable.

With menopause cases, doctors tend to prescribe drugs first and not even really think about how this will affect the individual's hormone levels.

Not everyone is the same so it didn't make sense to give them all the same dosage and see what happened!

I don't know about you but I don't want to be treated like a 12 year old's science project!

But it gets worse.

Anybody who knows anything about medicine knows that fitness and exercise can rapidly affect the hormone levels anyway.

Most women who are healthy and menopause symptom free exercise and eat in a certain way - which I'll reveal shortly.

Don't believe me? Look what the AUTHORITY book on Menopause says about the matter:

"In addition to relieving menopausal symptoms, proper diet and exercise are you're most natural options for avoiding heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis"

From the reference book Menopause and Estrogen: Natural Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy (Ellen Hodgson Brown, Lynne Paige Walker)

"The important thing is that studies shows that weight gain around menopause years can be prevented by exercise and diet-by minimizing fat gain and maintaining muscle, thereby reducing body size and burning more calories. "

- The North American Menopause Society

If you keep reading I'll show you that special way to eat and exercise so that you not only can eliminate menopause symptoms but also lose weight and increase your well being.

So the point is.

Most hormonal treatments are not needed anyway. Yet they keep recommending them.

But it gets worse...

Here's what I mean:

One of the things they forgot to tell you was that hormonal therapy was directly related to Cancer in 2002 by the National Institutes of Health.

But that's only the beginning. I could go on for hours about why the majority of doctors, pharmacists and drug companies don't give a damn or simply don't know what they're talking about.

So I quit. These people had a massive conflict of interest and all the evidence points in the direction of what I'm saying. I gave them my notice and decided to become a personal trainer.

So let me continue by telling you:

If You're Going to Lose Weight after 40
Then you Need to Know This...

(If You Read only ONE Part of this letter -
Read this it's that important!)

Losing weight doesn't have to be hard - it can actually be really easy.

You just forget all the rubbish pills and start exercising and eating in a special way that powers up your metabolism.

They key is a completely different approach to weight loss - which I'll share with you in just a moment.

When I switched over from being a chemist to a personal trainer I noticed that most trainers hated working with people over 40. Heck, some of them flat out refused.

Simply because they couldn't get the predictable results that younger women could.

Not to mention that it's harder because of all the medical needs and injuries.

I thought that wasn't good enough. So here's how you can beat menopause and...

Get the Dream Body
At the Same Time!

Hopefully by now you realize the extreme importance of keeping fit with a mixture of exercise and diet.

I see so much rubbish in the market.

I see people, who buy all the phony pills, follow the fad diets and buying pathetic exercise machines off the shopping channel.

As a personal trainer it frustrates me to death!

So with permission I wish you would think of me as your own personal trainer.

Now I've worked with hundreds of women over 40 and I know nobody that's lost weight following any of those methods.

In fact if you were one of my clients and I saw you doing any of those things I would have to have a serious conversation with you.

Even though I have never met you personally yet, I care about you and your health deeply.

You might be asking:

So Why Do I care so Much
about Somebody I don't Know!

It's simple - I have too.

It's my belief that the current state of health among people over 40 isn't good enough and it's my mission to change it.

You've heard the experts: It's blown into a full blown obesity epidemic!

According to best selling author Dr. Warner everyday in America alone more then 3,000 people every single day have a heart attack!

Of those 50% struggle with excruciating pain and struggling to breathe for nearly two hours before someone finds them and can give them help.

Hundreds of thousands die before they can even get to hospitals - and the risk of heart attacks over 40 is higher then ever.

Modern life is making people sicker, fatter and taking a stack of years off your life. You must get fit now.

I really do care. I see it as my life mission to promote health and fitness among women.

So let me tell you:

Why Everything You've Heard About
Weight loss over 40 is Dead Wrong!

  • Myth: If you stop eating as much food and exercise more you'll certainly lose weight!

This is definitely wrong. It takes a very special blueprint which I'm going to discuss shortly to actually lose weight.

  • Myth: Myth: If you follow stringent diets and exercise all the time then you'll lose weight.

That's absolute rubbish. The key is getting your metabolism going at the rate it used to. That's why you used to be able to eat junk food as a kid and not put on a pound.

So you know that secret method of exercise I've been hinting at throughout this letter that gets your metabolism going and increases your vitality?

Well, hold on because I'm about to reveal it to you and...

When you know this:
You Can Eat More and Still Lose Weight!

What if I was to tell you: Every single person has a secret way to lose weight almost totally unique to them?

It's true.

It all started with the world famous Charles Poliquin. This guy worked with athletes for thirty years.

In that time he started to notice some strange things about how athletes keep their metabolism fast and energy high.

He then went on to develop something called Biosignature Modulation

BioSignature is a system based on scientific evidence that where people store their body fat is an indication of their hormonal profile.

This means that your body fat levels and corresponding imbalanced hormones can be effectively managed through a combination of diet, exercise, a targeted supplementation program, and lifestyle modifications.

To translate: Unless you know EXACTLY what your unique biosigniture is then you can't lose weight.

But that's where I think I can help.

I will develop that plan for you based on YOUR unique biological signature using photographs and in depth questioning process during our initial phone call.

This means FASTER results and FEWER supplements than is possible with the industry's typically more random and haphazard approach.


My Exclusive Online One-On-One
Personal Training Program

Anyways, this is how it works. I'll be your own very own online personal trainer in a one-on-one environment.

It's really simple. The first step is you complete an online application which lets me get to know you and your lifestyle.

Then, I follow-up with a personal email to setup a call with you. We talk about your health, fitness and the equipment you have available to you. This will mean I can go and develop a special weight loss program just for you!

You'll get access to a secret member's only page that has all your workouts and a place for you to record what workouts you did.

Next you log 3 days of your eating habits. This is really easy and kind of fun. Basically you need to write down everything you eat. From this I can recognize your eating habits and figure out your nutritional needs.

Now remember that biosigniture assessment I told you about? Well, you need to send in a front, side and back photo and from that I'll be able to tell exactly what your profile is.

The final element is the follow-up.

You will get a motivational email each week for 12 weeks, a diet tip each week for 12 weeks.

Plus for the first 4 weeks I will speak with you personally for 30 minutes by phone, twice a month after that.

This means you have accountability to keep up the program and you don't have to depend on your own will power if you don't trust it!

More specifically this program consists of:

Personalized workouts

This is a really cool part. Once I know exactly what your body is like and your own bio signature I can develop your own unique workouts to get the results you want.

I've been a personal trainer for years so I know exactly what you need.

These will be Emailed Directly to you regularly, and you can keep track of what workouts you need to do inside the membership area.

Video Exercise Database

You can just sit back and relax as you learn exactly how to do the most effective exercise for weight loss.

This entire vault of videos is worth hundreds of dollars but as soon as you signup for my personal training you'll get instant access.

Even better you get to try out new and fun workouts as we add them in - so you don't get stuck with the same boring old routine.

Goal Setting
& Motivational Support

Why go it alone when you can have one of NY's top trainers in your corner coaching you every step of the way!

If you want to succeed then you need to know exactly what you want to look like at the end.

This will keep you accountable and give you the motivation you need to keep at it.

Whenever you seem to feel like you can't lose any weight you can just pick up the phone or send an email and I'll be their for you!

Just email me anytime or discuss it one on of our calls!

Your Own Personal
Nutrition Blueprint

This is what really sets me apart from other personal trainers...have you ever worked out but not lost any weight?

It's because you are only looking after one half. If you want the energy and weight loss you also need to have your own custom nutrition blueprint.

Will identify what nutritional beliefs may be holding you back or even sabotaging your fat loss efforts.

Will actually educate you on the difference between poor nutrition and good nutrition so you can finally get the results you want.

This isn't a diet!

Chances are you can maintain a lot of your current eating patterns but a few quick and easy changes can boost your metabolism and help you burn fat.

If you struggle with the whole diet thing and just want to make small changes that have a huge effect this is perfect for you!

Your Own Personal
Direct Phone Access

If you've ever brought a weight loss pill or followed a diet you probably had a stack of questions and weren't sure who to ask.

Then you probably wanted someone who could keep you regularly motivated.

This will be perfect for you

Every week I'll give you a call and we talk for however long it takes about yourself, the program or any questions you have about your workouts.

We can tackle any problems you are having and then get you results.

Once again these calls can be as long as you need, but usually they end up being about 20 minutes.

After the first month I find that all the big questions have been ironed out and we only need to do one call a month.

But if you ever have any questions I am always more then happy to help you out.

What other weight loss program gives you one on one access to a top selling author and personal trainer?

Stay Motivated
For The Long Run!

"The Weekly Training
eLetters that keep you on track"

Once a week, I'll send you a personal email outlining some strategies you can use in your work out to get the best results...FAST!

These are strategies I have often never revealed before except to some close clients - But every week you'll learn them.

You'll also get the motivation you need to keep you going. I encourage you to email me back letting me know how you're going today.

This means that you have someone always there to remind you to keep working out so you don't get lazy and finish off the tasks.

Most of my clients say this is one of the best elements of the entire program - having someone there to keep you on track!

If you've ever tried to lose weight before then you know just how hard it is to stay motivated for the long run.

But I'm going to be here for you so it really makes success inevitable!

It's All About You...

Custom Design for Injuries,
Medications and Available Equipment

I believe that every single person is different and that's what makes it a challenge and fun.

Overpriced Weight loss seminars, boot camps, flimsy books and fad diets all assume that everybody is the same - and that's not the case at all!

When you signup as a client you'll have a program designed for your unique desires and dream body. You wouldn't drive the same car as everybody why would you follow the exact same plan?

You are catered for in terms of injuries and physical handicaps.

Plus, I also take into account any medication that you're on and design the program around that.

Finally. I make it easy for you to do most of the exercises from home using equipment that is readily available for you.

Just Imagine the Results
For Yourself...

  • Weight loss - Imagine having that slim body you want and getting the compliments from your friends or spouse about how great you are looking.
  • Smaller Dress size - Imagine fitting into those clothes that you always wanted to, and looking great in them again. Imagine how confident and happy you would be in them.
  • Feel like you again - Nothing makes me happier than hearing my clients tell me how they feel like themselves again and they feel good looking in the mirror, not avoiding them.
  • Improved sleep - If you're unhealthy then the chances of you having insomnia are highly likely. Imagine, sleeping like a baby and waking up with more energy then a six year old on Christmas morning.
  • Virtually Cure Hot Flushes - Imagine not sweating during the day or waking up at night covered in sweat. A comprehensive health program can almost completely eliminate them.
  • Firmer arms, legs, thighs, and buns - Wouldn't it be great to have the toned body you always dreamed of?
  • Increased strength, energy, and stamina - Imagine having the energy of a 20 year old? Don't believe it's possible? It really is once you know what I am about to show you.
  • Faster metabolism to burn more fat at rest - Imagine being able to sleep and LOSE weight?
  • Tighter, flatter abs and a smaller waist - I'll show you exactly how to get them.
  • Look and feel ten years younger - Increased muscle tone and flexibility... Greater confidence and self-esteem
  • Decreased stress, tension, and anxiety - If you are always stressed out and worried then it will help you to know that in the #1 book on stress "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" Dale Carnegie points out that exercise is one of the only cures. And who doesn't need less stress in their lives.
  • Increased sense of overall well being - Imagine waking up every morning and really feeling great... with the confidence to do whatever you want!
  • Reduced need for medications - I'm not a doctor, but any doctor will tell you when your healthy you don't need as much medication. You'll save money and skip all the nasty side effects that you hate.
  • But if all of that wasn't good enough motivation to consider joining up:

Just take a look at what some Of
My Clients and Customers Say...

I am 53 years old and will turn 54 on April 25.

I find that the workout is not easy yet, but I am finding it easier to do. I have kicked up my reps to 20 and have contemplated going from 10 lb weights to 12. I still find my arm muscles especially get fatigued with the current workout.

It is very gratifying to feel my waist get smaller and see a reduction in my abdominal fat.

I am finding as I feel better with your workout, that my desire for caffeine has really decreased. I used to drink 6-8 Diet Pepsi's a day sometimes and now I drink 1 or 2 in the AM.

Also, I seemed to crave beer or wine, I think due to anxiety at night, and now I have really decreased my alcohol intake also and my need for Xanax to get me to sleep is greatly diminished.

I have more energy and am enjoying my job as a pharmaceutical rep much more.

Your plan is working for me and I look forward to working out again.

Thank you! I feel like I am getting "Patty" back.

Best Regards,

- Patty Smith
Indianapolis, IN

Hello Jenny: I haven't written you in awhile, so, wanted to touch base with you. I want to thank you again for helping me get myself back to where I need to be. I have lost 10 pounds. I have followed you diet plan. I am wearing clothes that I could not get into before.

Eating the way you showed me has made me feel wonderful. I am walking at least a mile 4 days a week at lunch. I do go off the diet on occasions. A friend's birthday, out to dinner with my husband, etc. But, come Monday back again. I know I am losing the body fat. The weight has stayed the same, but I am so much more toned.

Thank you again for helping/showing me the way. I have turned 52.

So much cancer in my family, high blood pressure, all kinds of ailments. I knew I had to do something. I did not want another death in my family. Too many so far. Also, I will be married for one year, and want to be with my husband for many more. Thank you.

- Judy K.
Arlington, TX

Good Morning Jenny:

I haven't written in quite some time, but I have a few minutes this morning and thought I would bring you up to date.

I have followed your plan, and still am, for approximately 6-7 months. I have lost 20 pounds, and have never felt better. I try to walk 5 days a week at lunch during work for at least a 1/2 hour. I still want to lose 20 more by June. You helped me so much. Made me realize that my health was in such bad shape. I have gone through Menopause with flying colors. I have been period free for one year.

I fit into most of my clothes. I have a wonderful job now, and feel really good about myself. My self esteem has come back. My husband, who had found me your web site, is so proud of me.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me find my way back.. I have changed my eating and drinking habits.

Once again...thanks.

- Judy K.
Arlington, TX

Our son's wedding was May 6. I looked great, so I heard. I have lost 13 pounds plus several inches. I measured a few weeks ago, but will measure again tomorrow morning and report to you the changes...

...I feel like 10 years have been erased from my body. I took off 2 weeks from lifting weights because we were so busy getting ready + distractions. I'm back at it again and plan to loose another 15 pounds by August 1...

Your encouragements and book, etc have helped more than anything, though. Thanks again for your wisdom, knowledge and health plan!

- Marlys V.
Everly, IA

The science behind your system is so right on. And I really like the exercise regimen.

- Teri Pirozzi
Team Northrup/USANA Health Sciences

The level of knowledge I gained, and the new exercises I learned were awesome, and I was able to get away with eating a little more than I had been-because of the higher level of metabolism due to the increase in muscle mass.

...I really really love my calipers... plus I just had a yearly check up and my doctor is as usual always surprised at how healthy I stay. Vitamins! Exercise! Healthy Food!

Thanks Jenny May

- Veronica D.
Easthampton, MA


Well, where do I start? I found your website after browsing on menopause weight gain. After reading your website, it was like reading a book about my life and body. I am 46, and over the past year have developed a tummy, back-fat and boobs. After being a B-Cup all my life, and never having a tummy, when I look in the mirror, I think, oh my God, I am my mother.

I purchased your e-book and have been following it for 5 weeks. I have lost 5.5 pounds* and feel great. I no longer feel sluggish and I am sleeping like a baby. It is amazing how easy it is to follow the program.

Thank you Jenny for writing a book that women can relate to, and thank you for all you personal attention with my questions. I would highly recommend all women that are in the same situation to purchase this book and follow your program because at last we have something that works.

Thanks again,

- Donna S.
Denver, CO

Hi Jenny,

Your book is motivational. I recently joined a health club in Jan06, and I'm working out 5 days per week. My husband and I also have changed our eating habits and the types of food we eat.

Toward my 50-lb weight loss goal, I've loss 10 lbs. 1/5 of the way there!

Thanks for your support!!

- Lorie H.
Temecula, CA

Good Morning Jenny,

I have been receiving your newsletter for quite some time now and find them very informative...

...I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with other women because we need all the info we can get. It's important to gather as much info as possible so we can not only take better care of ourselves, but be able to work with our doctor too. I want to share your information with others who could benefit and I look forward to learning more from you.

Thanks again and God bless,

- Pam M.
Montgomery, AL

You and your information are a God sent... Thank YOU!!!

- Debra

Before taking your boot camp class, I had gained 5 lbs, mostly in the waist and hip area.

After the age of 50 I found that it didn't matter how much I exercised, and decreasing my calories it wasn't working.

Your class was awesome, I not only learned about how to eat right but how to use my core and increasing weight training to decrease body fat.

Since taking your classes I continue to follow what you have taught me I have lost 1 1/2 inches in my hip area and one inch in my waist and lost 3 lbs.

Some people may think that isn't much, but it is after you reach age 50! Your knowledge in hormonal balance is an added bonus to anyone over 40 yrs.

I look forward to training with you again in the near future. Thank you for everything you have done for me!!!


But before we go on:

Let Me Tell You Something
Very Important!

I'm a very honest person and that's why I'm so passionate about creating this program. It's the real truth in a world where there is so many untruths in the market.

But I have to tell you something important.

This isn't an instant results program or a magic pill that makes you lose 45kgs in 7 days or some other ridiculous claim.

I hope by now you know that such things don't exist.

But what I can promise you is guaranteed results. If you follow my program within 90 to 180 days you will start seeing absolute noticeable results.

Within the first month you'll feel better and have more energy.

Within the first 9 to 12 months the weight will really start coming of and you'll have the body you've always dreamed of.

I've never had anyone who was full dedicated to my program that didn't lose weight.

Even though this doesn't include any painful exercise or any major diets that leave you hungry. This program is not for people who just want to sit around and do absolutely nothing.

If you're lazy then I highly suggest you leave this page now. I'm looking for devoted people who are willing to really get the body they want by following the program to the letter.

So if you qualify and understand that. Let me tell you about how much it all costs.

I think it would be fair to say:

It's a Fraction of the Price
You Would Expect!

Yes, that's right. When I designed this program I made sure that it would be affordable to anybody.

So let me ask you a very serious question: How much would you pay to get the body you always dreamed of?

Plenty of people have paid tens of thousands for expensive surgery - and they've hardly gotten the results I can promise you.

But I won't charge you a fraction of that.

As a personal trainer I'm aware of the fees that most personal trainers charge and it's not uncommon to pay $150 an hour.

And costs for a comprehensive program are anywhere between $650-$1,000 a month.

But thanks to the internet I can give you a massive discount.

I don't have the same overheads and costs because I don't have to pay half my fees to the gym - so I can charge you much less.

It's a monthly program that you can cancel at anytime -- Guaranteed!

The investment is only $97/month.

When you divide that daily - That's less then you would probably spend on a cup of coffee.

You would never be able to hire a personal trainer for those fees anywhere in America. If you don't believe me then ask one - they would laugh.

But here's the catch:

10 People in the Entire World Get Into My
Personal Training Program

Listen. Like I mentioned before this is a very personal program that is focused around you as an individual.

This isn't a flimsy eBook or phony pill - this is the real deal personal training program.

The number of clients that I can take is just 10.

Anymore than that I wouldn't be able to give you all the support that you needed.

There is nothing like this in the entire world, and word is sure to get around.

Every single member needs to APPLY and convince me why they should join. It's that exclusive.

WARNING: Only 10 people get to join this once-in-
a-lifetime online weight loss boot camp and
applications close soon.

I only take on people that are DEAD serious about succeeding, so that's why you need to convince me to let you join.

IF you get in you'll immediately receive:

Free Copy of My Book!

Menopause Weight Gain/Loss Secrets Revealed!

I used to sell this book for $47 but if you signup today you can get it for free.

In it you'll discover:

  • The REAL reason YOU are overweight!
  • Why Ultra Low Carb diets do not work!
  • The Three Absolute Rules of weight loss! All You will ever need to know to achieve successful weight loss!
  • The fastest, easiest way to exercise yourself to permanent weight loss! It's easy -- and it's 100% effective!
  • The EXACT reason you are getting more belly fat! Do YOU believe this?...the answer will shock you!

Plus A FREE Supplement Program...

I bet you're really confused about all the different weight loss and nutritional supplements.

Well, I usually charge $67 for a personalized supplement plan. But once again if you signup right now you can get it for free.

I'll show you exactly what you need to be taking to fill the gaps where the nutrition is not optimum for fat loss.

The supplements will help to optimize your health so you have higher energy levels, more focus, and improved vitality levels as well as help shed the fat much much faster then you could imagine.

But once again this is about getting fast results but with restrictions on my time I can't offer this to everyone. It will be pulled soon.

Which is exactly why:

You Simply Must Join Now

I've shown you how losing weight after the age of 40 is a completely different ballgame and how my unique method works.

I've shown you beyond reasonable doubt with all my testimonials that I get results and know what I'm talking about.

I've shown you proof that the biosignature works and has worked on tens of thousands of people.

Not to mention that I've taken all the risk and put it on my own shoulders:

You have a 60 Day Guarantee with no questions asked you'll get your money sent back, plus you can even keep all the bonuses just for giving it a try.

The only thing you have to lose is that extra weight.

As far as I'm concerned I've shown you everything that you need to know to make an informed decision.

So I need to know whether you're in or out.

As the great Greek philosopher Epictetus once said the key to achieving anything is simple:

"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do."

You see my time as a personal trainer has shown me that there are two kinds of people.

The first is the kind who makes new years revolutions to lose weight then the next day is busy sitting in McDonalds eating cheeseburgers. I don't want to sound rude but they're all talk.

The second group is the people who do something about the problem that they hate so much and then they get the results. They don't sit around wondering what to do, they find some help and they get the body they've wanted.

If you're willing to spend some time following what I tell you - I guarantee you'll see results.

In comes down to this. In the next thirty days from now you have two options:

  1. You can continue feeling depressed and down about your body with all the weight you're gaining.
  2. While wasting your hard earned money on magic pills and fad diets that absolutely never work.

  3. You can work with me personally and I'll develop a custom program that works for you. That gets noticeable effects

Yes! Jenny, I want to Reclaim My Figure and My Life Straight Away!
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Now for a limited Time -- Discover How You Can Lose Unwanted Belly Fat for only 97/month!

But lock in your rate by Dec 23rd, 2009 -- it goes up to 127/month after that!

Not Sure if this Program is Right for you?
Get your questions answered with a...

FREE Phone Consultation with Jenny May ($97/value)

Just enter your name, phone number and address below and I will email you to set up your Complimetary Phone Consulation ASAP!

Tell me a little about your health and fitness goals...

I just hope you make the right decision.


Jenny May Clermont

Jenny May Clermont
Health Thru Fitness, LLC.

P.S.  Why don't you just sign up now for your free consultation. I'll answer all your questions and get you started on your path to successful weight loss immediately! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, sign up now!

P.S.S  Compared to the price of $500+ a month ($1500 for 12 weeks) for your own personal trainer this is an absolute no brainer, like I mentioned this will no doubt sell out as I can only accept 10 members (I currently only have 2 spots open)! Don't miss out!